Friday, September 8, 2017

Reading Day at Thunder Hill

The Thunder Hill hosted a special reading day today . . .

. . . so parents, grandparents, and grownup friends of the students could come read to them.

Daniel asked me to read this book to his class . . . 

. . . then I snapped a picture of Daniel with the other Daniel in his class.  They even sit at the same table.

My next stop was Joy's classroom.  Instead of having me read to her classmates, Joy asked that we sit behind these cupboards . . .

. . . where I could watch her silently read a chapter book.  I tried to read along too, but I discovered that Joy reads a whole lot faster than I do.  Fortunately, I had read that book many years ago, so I wasn't completely lost when she turned pages I hadn't finished.

Once we finished the book, I snapped a picture of Joy with the other Joy in her class.

I would have gone to Anna's class too (and no, there is not a second Anna in that class--what are the odds?), but she was sent home with a fever yesterday and couldn't come back to school today.  She's feeling a lot better today, so I took her and Todd to a playground instead.

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