Friday, June 1, 2018

End of School Year Picnic 2018

It's June!  That means summer is almost upon us, and it's time for the end-of-school-year picnic.

We ate pizza on our waterproof blanket (which we spilled soda on twice--apparently it's only waterproof on the bottom side) . . .

. . . then the kids enjoyed Popsicles and Ring Pops courtesy of the PTA . . .

. . . and played on the school playground until the sun started setting and it was time to head home (and wash all the sticky stuff off our hands).

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Patriotic Party (and After-Party Party)

The big kids' school threw a thank-you party today for all adults who volunteered this year.

Todd's favorite part was the extensive treat buffet.

My favorite part was when the students performed patriotic songs for their guests.  Here's Daniel accompanying "This Land Is Your Land" on his recorder.

Todd and I arrived at the party a bit late, and as we watched the second graders perform, followed by the third graders, fourth graders, and finally the fifth graders reprising their "Preamble" performance from SCH (my daughter is that demure, well-behaved girl sticking her tongue out in the back row), I had a sinking feeling that I had missed Anna's performance with the first graders.

Sure enough, she was really disappointed that I had missed her musical number, so when she arrived home I asked her to show me what her class did.  She then sang "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" while signing in American Sign Language.  It was fun both to watch and listen to.

And since we were all feeling musical today, Joy decided to see if she could play the notes to accompany Daniel singing "This Land Is Your Land."  She did pretty well, considering that she hadn't practiced beforehand.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Geese and Wheels

This morning we went for a ride/scoot to visit a new family in our ward.

Daddy and Joy rode bikes, Daniel and Anna rode scooters, and I transported Todd and some cookies in the van (we later learned that the wife in the family can't eat gluten--I guess it's the thought that counts).

We noticed some Canadian geese in the pond near our new friends' home, and Joy borrowed my camera so she could take a bazillion goose photos.

This has got to be the biggest goose family I've ever seen.  I counted fourteen goslings.

All ashore!

It's lunch time for the goose family.  Apparently geese eat grass, among other things.

Back at home, Todd decided that he wanted to try riding a scooter too.

His big brother gave him some tips and encouragement. :)

Friday, May 25, 2018

A Bullfrog and Wilma

Todd and I decided that this was a nice day for a walk . . .

. . . around a lake with some friends.

It was fun to see a bullfrog . . .

. . . and then play on the playground at the end of our stroll.

In other news, look who Joy brought home from school today.  Her art class has been learning to use a grid to reproduce small pictures on a large scale, and Joy chose to draw a life-sized version of Wilma Flintstone.  It was kind of weird to see my daughter bring home a giant cartoon character who is almost 20 years older than I am.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Joy's Got Talent

Joy participated in her school's talent show this week.  Most kids in the show sang or danced, but Joy chose to solve a Rubik's Cube in under three minutes (she let the talent show host mix it up).

Joy needed two assistants for her act: one to hold the iPad with a big stopwatch running, and another to hold my phone while it played Jeopardy music.

One of her assistants liked to dance to the music during practice sessions, which we agreed would be nice entertainment for the audience while Joy worked on her Rubik's Cube.  As it turned out, the dancer was too nervous to twirl at the actual show.  I can't blame her.

Each talent show participant got a cute little star trophy--you know, because they're all stars.

Speaking of trophies, Joy also received some awards this week for her achievements in the annual Math Olympiad, a worldwide competition for elementary and middle school students.  Students who choose to participate are given challenging math problems throughout the school year.  Joy earned a gold trophy for having the highest cumulative score in her school, a patch for scoring in the top 50 percent of students worldwide, and a pin for scoring in the top 2 percent of students worldwide.  I think she got her math skills from her dad, who aced the math portion of the GRE.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Daniel's Spring Concert

We attended Daniel's spring concert with Cantus Chorus this afternoon.  The kids performed some beautiful and fun songs about fireflies, cuckoo birds, and other joys of spring.  The most impressive song was the closing number about rain, in which the director led the kids and the audience in rubbing our hands, snapping our fingers, slapping our knees, then stomping our feet to simulate the sounds of an increasingly intense rainstorm.  It was really cool.

Here is Daniel's choir performing "Over the Rainbow" with their two directors (one leading the music, and the other strumming a ukulele off to the right).  If you want to pull out your magnifying glass, Daniel is on the middle row, two kids to the right of the director.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Magical Preschool Picnic

Todd will be attending a co-op preschool starting in fall, and his school had a little picnic today so the kids could see their new school and get to know each other.

The picnic was supposed to be held outdoors, but the weather was cold and rainy today, so we spread out blankets on the classroom floor and ate lunch inside (with the pet butterflies).

After lunch, a magician put on a show for the kids.  His magical repertoire included making things disappear and pulling objects out of a seemingly empty bag.  One of the most surprising objects was a live dove.  He had offered the kids some whipped cream, and when he pulled the white dove out of his bag he introduced it as Whipped Cream and said, "I didn't say you could eat him!"

The guy was a pretty impressive magician, but his favorite trick was simply to let a big red "snake" leap out of a can at the kids over and over.  He did that about a dozen times, and they squealed with laughter every single time.  For that matter, I was laughing so hard at his jokes that I had tears running down my face by the end of the show.  I want to say that this guy's name is Deepak the Fabulous or something like that, but he probably goes by Chuck.