Monday, August 28, 2017

Sprinkle Cake for Anna

Anna is six years old today!  She's been telling me for weeks that she wanted a sprinkle cake from the store for her birthday.

Wish granted!  I also threw in some fun surprises like a birthday balloon (which she's been playing with all day) and some candles that burn with different colored flames (there are four left in the package for someone else's birthday in November ;).

Joy loves to give gifts, but she often forgets to make or buy something until the last minute.  Tonight as I got Anna's presents and dessert ready, Joy rushed to prepare a card with a coupon for Anna to play Minecraft with her, plus a Sacajawea dollar taped on for good measure. 

The sprinkle cake was OK, but I liked the Breyers vanilla ice cream better.  Mmm . . . good to the last drop!

Happy birthday, Anna!!!

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