Saturday, June 24, 2017

Power Tools and Pumpkin Seeds

When we moved to Goose Landing, I glanced at the patch of lawn and the little shrubs near our door, and thought it was a shame that I wouldn't be able to plant a veggie garden here.

But you know me--I feel driven to garden no matter what space I have (or don't have) available.  First I staggered some pots between our little bushes (left to right is a Christmas cactus my visiting teachee Linda gave me in California, a peppermint plant we brought along from Arkansas, and a pot of basil, thyme, and rosemary I planted here earlier this week).  Then a few days ago I got to thinking that we could probably squeeze a little raised bed in next to those bushes . . .

. . . so I recruited my engineer husband and his power tools to make my dream a reality.

I wanted to cut up some cardboard to put under the raised bed, so it's Dremel time, folks.

Build raised bed--check!  Now I just need to go buy some tomato plants to put in it, and maybe some pumpkin seeds to plant at one end.  Pumpkin vines grow much longer than my little planter, but I figure only their roots need to actually be in the planter itself, while the vines can trail around in front.  Here's hoping I'm right, and we get a crop of pumpkins this fall!

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